Double Model System

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All checking is performed by an independent checking service named RFI Checking Services of Tacoma WA. It is our belief that detailers should not be the ones performing final checking on their own work. RFI Checking uses the Double Model System of checking. They will take a copy of the design drawings and create their own 3D model (without drawings attached) and then they will "overlay" our model with theirs and compare for similarities and differences. Where ever differences are found attention will be given to the design drawings to determine why there are differences. The team that made the mistake will be notified to correct the error. This checking procedure is very exact but also very time consuming. RFI checking has developed proprietary software that they use to greatly reduce the time and effort required to compare the models. The checking system is repeated until both models are identical and fully reviewed. While both modelling teams will make mistakes, the mistakes will all be removed before the drawings are submitted. The Double Model System is the very best and most accurate model checking system in American today. The concept simply discribed is that it is almost impossible for two detailing teams working separetely to make exactly the same mistake at exactly the same location. This concept is simple but it works.

Cost Effectiveness Checking

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Our owners have years of experience as fabricators and they know what it means to spend a lot of money on steel and labour. All projects are examined for efficiency in fabrication and ease of field erection. Project installation and erection is a very expensive operation and it is our belief that a major portion of the cost of shop drawings can be offset by saving money during the erection process. Both the model and drawings are examined to make certain that assemblies are easy to handle in a modern fabrication ship and that assemblies are practical to truck/ship to the job site. Assemblies are examined to make certain that erectors do not have unnecessary problems erecting the steel. Beyond simply simply providing layout drawings which are technically correct, we go to the extra work to make certain that layout drawings are convenient and practical for a man trying to read them while he is erecting steel.
It is at this stage of checking that we check to make certain that all local building codes have been followed.
The 3d software that we use, has the ability to check to see if steel is conflicting or if some connections can not be completed. This work has already been checked in modelling, but it rechecked at this time.
Checking is provided to assure that all NISD/AISC requirements have been included in the model and drawings.

Drawings Checking

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RFI Checking Services is employed to check the drawings. They have special proprietary software that can check a booklet of layout PDF and confirm that ALL of the assembly marks have been included in the layouts. Each assembly mark must appear in at least one plan view drawings, in at least one elevation view and in at least on Isometric Layout.
Expert and experienced checkers review the assembly/fabrication drawings to make certain that all necessary communication is provided to the shop worker.
Part Drawings are also checked
RFI Checking has developed proprietary software that can check to make certain that every part in an assembly drawing is identified and "called out"


We are experienced steel detailers and use the services of RFI Checking Services from Tacoma WA to check the model and drawings on every project. RFI Checking Services has developed the Double Model System of checking and provide the very best checking service available in the world.

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  • Programming

    Beyond a lifetime of experience with structural steel, our owners and sons are trained and experienced in software development and computer programming. Computers are a tool that can offer a great advantage and programming provides a method to get the most from the computer tools. Automation in our modelling and drawing creation increases accuracy and quality and reduces cost.


    Recent Projects

    • Fire Hall New York Hip and valley structure with trusses, extensive embedded plates, lintels, interaction with brick and rebar.
    • Modern Car Dealership Structual and misc on 28 million dollar automobile dealership, included offices and shop portions of project.
    • Industrial Steel Mill Structural steel to modernize existing steel mill. Included very unusual structures.


    • We use the double model system of detailing. Every project large or small, has a comparison model created by the checking service we hire. The checking service will overlay our model with theirs and compare each part for similarities and differences.
    • Model accuracy and drawings quality are asured by hiring an "outside" CHECKING firm which eliminates mistakes and increases our capacity.
    • Trust is difficult to obtain in the structural steel industry and very easy to lose. We do all that we can to earn your trust and keep it.