Affordable Detailer Services

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We can take the provided architectural and structural,drawings and the mechanical and site drawings and interpret those drawings and provide a full set of layout and shop drawings to meet the review requirements of the project, and all fabrication and erection requirements.

If information is missing in the design drawings we can identify those needs and compose required RFI.
We will meet reasonable scheduled deadlines and delivery dates.
We are available from early in the morning till night time to answer the telephone and respond to any inquiries regarding the project.

Project Management

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If you need to have assistance with project management, then our staff has the experience that you need and will work to achieve the desired outcome on each project. We can assist with management regarding Planning, Execution, Delivery and Erection.
If desired we can work with the general contractor to coordinate all of the project needs.
We can help reduce costs. Even if we can help reduce the cost of fabrication by 1% and the cost of erection by 1%, and other costs by 1%, often that is enough to make a significant difference on a project.

Software Development

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The owners and staff are trained and experienced with software development. We are expert in developing applications for PDF documents. If you can imagine an application that would be useful for PDF documents, then we can most likely acheive that.
We are database application experts and experts on developing web applications and remote networking applications.
We have developed applications for robotic/CNC machines and are very interested in automation, both in fabrication procedures and managment routines.
We develop applications in many lanquages and frameworks, including Python, C and C#, .Net Cross Platform Applications, VB 10 Applications and others.
If is our belief that we are just now starting to see the benefits that computer programs and bring to American and if equipped with better software that Americans can complete with any business, anywhere in the world.
Remember, we were known first of all as fabricators. We are structural steel people first and foremost. Although we are no longer involved in fabrication of steel, we still work with computers and we know that computers are a useful tool that can help get a lot of work done very quickly and cheaply.


Careful attention provided to layout drawings. Easy to follow anchor rod drawings provided. Plan view layouts provided for each level. Elevation drawings provided for every grid line that has steel running parallel. ISO drawings with assembly marks are popular with erectors. Detailed and checked fabrication/assembly drawings and part drawings are provided.
All needed digital files such as dxf, DSTV, NC files can be provided.
All needed reports such as material lists, bolt lists, shipping reports are provided.


We can proivde BIM models and viewer models if required. We can provide all needed management files such as FABTROL or other managment files requested. If your managment software requires specialized files we can most likely create a script that will produce something that will meet your needs.


We are experienced steel detailers and use the services of RFI Checking Services from Tacoma WA to check the model and drawings on every project. RFI Checking Services has developed the Double Model System of checking and provide the very best checking service available in the world.

  • EMAIL manager[at]
  • PHONE 253- Five Seven Nine- 3839
  • Programming

    Beyond a lifetime of experience with structural steel, our owners and sons are trained and experienced in software development and computer programming. Computers are a tool that can offer a great advantage and programming provides a method to get the most from the computer tools. Automation in our modelling and drawing creation increases accuracy and quality and reduces cost.


    Recent Projects

    • Fire Hall New York Hip and valley structure with trusses, extensive embedded plates, lintels, interaction with brick and rebar.
    • Modern Car Dealership Structual and misc on 28 million dollar automobile dealership, included offices and shop portions of project.
    • Industrial Steel Mill Structural steel to modernize existing steel mill. Included very unusual structures.


    • We use the double model system of detailing. Every project large or small, has a comparison model created by the checking service we hire. The checking service will overlay our model with theirs and compare each part for similarities and differences.
    • Model accuracy and drawings quality are asured by hiring an "outside" CHECKING firm which eliminates mistakes and increases our capacity.
    • Trust is difficult to obtain in the structural steel industry and very easy to lose. We do all that we can to earn your trust and keep it.