We are experienced steel detailers and use the services of RFI Checking Services from Tacoma WA to check the model and drawings on every project. RFI Checking Services has developed the Double Model System of checking and provide the very best checking service available in the world.

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  • Programming

    Beyond a lifetime of experience with structural steel, our owners and sons are trained and experienced in software development and computer programming. Computers are a tool that can offer a great advantage and programming provides a method to get the most from the computer tools. Automation in our modelling and drawing creation increases accuracy and quality and reduces cost.


    Recent Projects

    • Fire Hall New York Hip and valley structure with trusses, extensive embedded plates, lintels, interaction with brick and rebar.
    • Modern Car Dealership Structual and misc on 28 million dollar automobile dealership, included offices and shop portions of project.
    • Industrial Steel Mill Structural steel to modernize existing steel mill. Included very unusual structures.


    • We use the double model system of detailing. Every project large or small, has a comparison model created by the checking service we hire. The checking service will overlay our model with theirs and compare each part for similarities and differences.
    • Model accuracy and drawings quality are asured by hiring an "outside" CHECKING firm which eliminates mistakes and increases our capacity.
    • Trust is difficult to obtain in the structural steel industry and very easy to lose. We do all that we can to earn your trust and keep it.